Future Blind Part 2: Photoshopping

In another case of the ridiculous… the French lawmakers are considering making photoshopping illegal! Last week, we had the Victorian government body Vicroads bringing in laws to limit GPS enabled smartphones only to be used as phones within a motor vehicle. We labelled this a classic case of ‘future blind’ where some one makes a […]

How do you gather your information? Search Engines or Social Networks?

Mike Hickinbotham on LinkedIn asked an interesting question: “Will people prefer social networks over search engines to gather information” Here’s my response… Social networks are taking over from search engines for the less specific questions we have in life. Google is great at finding specific things. It’s like using the card catalogue or computer at […]

Future Blind

Every now and then someone comes along with a comment or a decision that suggests they are blind to the future… and in some cases, blind to what’s going on right now. Well, in a blindingly stupid move, VicRoads, the Victorian Government’s roads and traffic authority, are intending to ban the use of mobile phones […]

Made to Stick and the Sticking Point – Update

The Made to Stick book has become a classic. I know that because it now has it’s own Wikipeda page. Now, that’s an interesting measure of SUCCEs… Frank Sinatra sang about New York, ‘If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere’. Perhaps, Wikipedia has now replaced New York as the centre of […]

Made to Stick: How to Live Forever

* Based upon your feedback, my posts have been getting a bit long. So, I’ll split the updates into two. The first will be the context piece from the Book Rapper issue. Then I’ll follow this with the update so we’re all on the same page. The Book: Made to StickChip and Dan HeathMade To […]