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The Gratitude Podcast with Georgian Benta

The Gratitude Podcast with Georgian Benta

We discuss the big picture trend and context of the rise of Gratitude including the Negative Bias in our brains, the gap created by Marketing and Advertising and why the news is almost always bad. We also discuss practical strategies for being calm, grateful and happy.

We talk about some of my struggles with anger and frustration and how gratitude help soothe this.

February 2017

The Gratitude Podcast with Geoff McDonald

Everyday Light Warriors with Yenny StromgrenEveryday Light Warriors with Yenny Stromgren

We talk about how business can go wrong. And, how I got my groove back. This includes building some supporting habits such as drinking coffee, meditation, reading, walking, gift giving and more…

April 2016

Everyday Light Warriors interview with Geoff McDonald

Gihan Perera, Leveraging Your Thought Leadership

In this wide ranging interview with Futurist, Speaker and Author Gihan Perera we talk about:

  • One of my favourite books;
  • Why the free lunch doesn’t work for either person;
  • Content Marketing;
  • The birth of Book Rapper;
  • Why leaders need ideas; and
  • Why every business expert desperately needs a Manifesto

September 2013 – We’ve repackaged this interview and published it on our own Ideas Architect podcast.

Gihan Perera Interviews Geoff McDonald

Gihan Perera talks with Geoff McDonald