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Geoff McDonald - The Ideas Architect

Hey! I’m Geoff…

I’m obsessed – in a good way. I love that ‘aha’ feeling where a single idea changes everything. It naturally follows that I’m a compulsive learner because it’s through learning that you inspire insights, opportunities and ultimately your next big thing.

I started calling myself ‘The Ideas Architect‘ because it was a great metaphor for what I do. I literally was an architect and I still see myself as a designer, except it’s not buildings any more, it’s ideas. This could be in the form of an information product like a book – I’ve written a few of them. It could be through a presentation for myself or for others – I’ve presented a few times on the international stage.

Or it could be using design thinking to create a strategic framework that makes sense of what’s going on right now and points to what you need to do next. This is where I add my greatest value to my clients. The right framework at the right time changes everything. It creates a new context for new action and often leads to their next big thing.

Project Passion: Why your projects fail and what you can do about it

My current big thing…

I’m always working on a project for myself – part of my architect training coming through… I find it’s the best way to focus my attention, start something new and innovative, and produce a specific result in a set time.

However, just like Edison, I’ve found a lot of ways to not get the result I wanted. I’m a classic ideas guy – I’m brilliant at starting, not so great at finishing. The lightbulb came on when I realized that instead of changing who I am, it was easier to change the way I run my projects.

The problem I found was that traditional project planning was only focussed on the ‘doing’. Of course, you need to focus on the doing otherwise nothing gets done, nothing gets finished and that’s why my projects fail. However, the deeper issue is that when the going gets tough our willpower and our discipline are not enough. We can’t always muscle our way through…

Instead, we need to include our emotions, what inspires us and ultimately our passion into the design of our projects. This is the source of our doing! And, that’s how Project Passion came about. I created it to have me win and it might just work for you too… Find out if Project Passion is right for you here. 

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