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If you’re a leader, you know how frustrating it is when your results don’t match your efforts. You sacrifice your time and energy and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Or you work hard only for the same old problems and the same old issues to keep popping up and stopping you from getting things done.

The key to solving this problem is… not to.

Unless we approach the situation from a different perspective we’ll just get more of the same. This is the golden key to creativity, innovation and high-performance. When you create a new context to operate from, many of the old problems simply fade away. And, you will be able live into a new future.

Ideas Architect

Geoff is the Ideas Architect. He’s a former architect who doesn’t design buildings anymore. Instead, he helps people design build and sell their ideas. In other words, Geoff can help you create your ideal business. A business that provides fair reward for your effort, boosts your lifestyle and leaves your footprint on the planet.

Create Your BIG Idea

Manifesto - Inspire me!

We can start with creating your BIG idea through our Manifesto program to create a context that inspires you and attracts your ideal clients. It’s a context that calls you and others into action. Once this foundation is laid we can build your idea through creating projects, publishing your ideas, engineering experiences your customers will love, designing useful things and attracting a cult following.

Personalized Business Model

Personalized Business Model

Alternatively, if you want to start big, we can review your entire business to see if you are building your best Business Model. In our age of Personalized Branding, it makes sense that we’d have a personalized Business Model and not one that we’ve copied from somewhere else. And, this is where my architectural skills are super handy. I think Business Models are just like designing buildings… they’re a complex system for bring your idea to life.

Geoff McDonald, Ieas Architect

Bring Your Idea to Life

So, if you’d like to bring your idea to life and create a business that inspires you, a lifestyle that works for you and your family AND leave the footprint you want on the planet checkout this site…

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