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Hey! I’m Geoff…

I’m obsessed – in a good way. I love that ‘aha’ feeling where a single idea changes everything. It naturally follows that I’m a compulsive learner because it’s through learning that you inspire insights, opportunities and ultimately your next big thing.

I started calling myself ‘The Ideas Architect‘ because it was a great metaphor for what I do. I literally was an architect and I still see myself as a designer, except it’s not buildings anymore, it’s ideas. This could be in the form of an information product like a book – I’ve written a few of them. It could be through a presentation for myself or for others – I’ve presented a few times on the international stage.

Or it could be using design thinking to create a strategic framework that makes sense of what’s going on right now and points to what you need to do next. This is where I add my greatest value to my clients. The right framework at the right time changes everything. It creates a new context for new action and often leads to their next big thing.

My Next Big Thing…

Leadership Habits – Automate Your Success

Bruce Lee famously said…

We don’t rise to our level of expectation, we drop to the level of our training.

Unfortunately, this sums up the result of a lot of leadership training – we learn some new insights, do a few new things and in the crunch moments, we revert to our default way of dealing with things.

The tragedy from this approach is that in failing to be effective in the critical moments two things happen. Firstly, we question our ability to lead because we didn’t act the way we wanted. Secondly, others question our ability to lead because we didn’t act the way they expected.

The Habits HurdlerTo break the patterns that hold us back we need to create fresh choices and new behaviours. We can do that by building practical leadership habits. And most importantly, we can rewire our brains by practicing for only a few minutes each day.

The Leadership Habits program introduces you to the world of habit-building so you can automatically respond in more powerful ways to your next leadership challenge.

The Leadership Habits Program

• Real world benefits – four 90-minute sessions over four weeks gives you time to apply what you learn to real-life situations
• Too small to fail – implement in less than a minute each day
• Online Seminar – no travel required, join in from anywhere
• Deepen your learning with our manual and Habits RAP
• Maximum of 16 people to ensure personal attention

Your Facilitators

Taruni Falconer – Cross-Cultural & Leadership Habits Coach
Geoff McDonald – Business Coach and creator of Project Passion

Special Introductory offer
Bring a buddy and share your learning. Two people for the price of one. That’s only $350 for two people.

Dates: June 22 and 29, July 6 and 13
Times: 8:30 to 10:00am

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