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Hey! I’m Geoff…

I’m obsessed – in a good way. I love that ‘aha’ feeling where a single idea changes everything. It naturally follows that I’m a compulsive learner because it’s through learning that you inspire insights, opportunities and ultimately your next big thing.

I started calling myself ‘The Ideas Architect‘ because it was a great metaphor for what I do. I literally was an architect and I still see myself as a designer, except it’s not buildings anymore, it’s ideas. This could be in the form of an information product like a book – I’ve written a few of them. It could be through a presentation for myself or for others – I’ve presented a few times on the international stage.

Or it could be using design thinking to create a strategic framework that makes sense of what’s going on right now and points to what you need to do next. This is where I add my greatest value to my clients. The right framework at the right time changes everything. It creates a new context for new action and often leads to their next big thing.

My Next Big Thing…

16 Strategies to help you get more done in less time with less effort and fewer resources. That’s the newly redesigned Project Passion.