Web Line 17: Online Success Perspectives and Opportunities

Web Line 17: Online Success Perspectives and Opportunities

Derived From
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents
Web Line 16: How to Assemble an Online Army

RAP 8: Trust Rules
PROFIT : In a world where trust matters, some things work better than others. Here are some perspectives and opportunities to consider for building your success online.


  • Be helpful!
  • Business Interaction now favours the small and the personal.
  • Humanize business by feeding the machine with human contributions.
  • Mass scale leaves the creator in charge. Customized scale puts everyone in charge.
  • Leaders help others achieve.
  • Ask : How can I connect?
  • Ask : Where’s the maximum point of leverage here?
  • Ask: What’s the new game here? What are the new rules?
  • Your goal is to become the best communicator on the web.
  • If sales is your ultimate goal, then building relationships is your immediate focus.


  • Build content laden blogs on topics you’re passionate about. Read Gary Vaynerchuk’s story in Crush It! – Book Rapper’s Review
  • Build a small powerful network – focus on a special area of interest for your industry.
  • Become the name brand in your speciality. Get a head start on the gate keepers by playing online with the new web tools.
  • Master leverage and change the world. Look for ways to streamline, accelerate and expand existing results through leveraging your time, tools, people and thinking.
  • Sell by generating trust. Position yourself and be seen as the default go-to girl in your speciality. Once respected, others will naturally buy from you.
  • Enrol an army to explode your results. Share your ideas, tools, strategies and network to collaborate on even bigger projects.

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