Twit Rapper: Purple You

Twit Rapper was created as a spin-off from my Book Rapper book summaries. Book Rapper summaries take a leading business book and redesign it so you can read it in about 30 minutes. Twit Rapper takes these summaries and redesigns for you to read in FIVE minutes. They’re a series of 26 tweets in a animated slideshow format. And, they demonstrate how content can be formatted in multiple ways.


The Book

Purple You is derived from Seth Godin’s book Linchpin.

Speed RAP

Seth Godin’s earlier book Purple Cow suggests in the internet world an average product for an average person was no longer effective. Instead, you needed a Purple Cow – a product remarkable enough to get people talking naturally about it. Now, it’s your turn. In Linchpin, Seth says YOU need to be remarkable or indispensable to be successful in your career. It’s time for Purple You!

The Big Idea

Todays Digital/Internet/Knowledge Era is redesigning work and organizations. The Industrial Age birthed factories and gave us standardized jobs making standardized products for standardized customers. Todays office is a mere factory extension – the production line has become a row of cubicles. And, that’s about to change. The flip from standard to custom is creating unique organizations relying on the unique abilities of it’s unique employees to create unique solutions for its unique customers. This is your chance to shine!

Your Challenge

Be You! More specifically: be Purple You! It’s time to jump start your career, raise your game and share your full self. Step 1: Choose to be an artist rather than a cog. Step 2: Identify and acknowledge your genius. Step 3: Overcome your natural resistance. Step 4: Let yourself go. Your future wellbeing depends on it.

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