Three Great Sources of Manifestos

Manifesto Project - How to Write a Manifesto

Whilst searching through Google will help you find manifestos one at a time, here’s three websites that are filled to the brim with many manifestos…

1 Change This

With a mission to support and spread great ideas, this site was inspired by Seth Godin and created in the summer of 2004. The site is now run by 800-CEO-READ and has over 400 manifestos on it – all ready for you to download. They’re typically 20-30 pages in length and often written as shorter versions of the author’s own book.



TED also has the mission to spread ideas and provides ‘riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world’. TED is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It started in 1984 as a conference. The presenters are some of the great minds in the world and have 18 minutes to share their message. And, now they’re available online as videos for you to watch and download.


3 Manifesto Project

The Manifesto Project is a complementary project to his blog. Our goal is 1000 manifestos to be posted during 2011. This is your chance to share your manifesto, manifestos you find or your favourite ones.


Your Favourites?

We’ll adding a list of favourite Change This issues and TED videos in future posts. What is your favourite Change This manifesto? What is your favourite TED video? Add your comment below to let us know.

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