The Ultimate Product Sales Video Example

If you had an information product that you wanted to sell online, how would you do that?

How would you sell an information product online? In particular, how would you create a sales video to sell your product?

This is part three of a three-part series on how to create the ultimate product sales video.

  • In Part 1, I shared the two essentials – the key ingredients for creating your sales message.
  • In Part 2, I shared the four phases – how to put your content in the right order.
  • And in this post (Part 3), I put it all together into a single sales video to show you how it works. It’s essential viewing for all thought leaders and content creators who want to earn money from their work.

The example shown is the real-life sales video for my Book Rapper book summary service. I’ve added some notes [in brackets and bold] to it to highlight some of the key concepts from Parts 1 and 2 so you can see how they are used in a seamless way in the finished video.

Transcript of the Ultimate Product Sales Video Example

Phase 1: Why should you care?

The world is changing very quickly. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today. [The context]

If you’re not keeping up to date with the latest trends and thinking, then you’re falling behind in your career and missing out on opportunities in your business. [Functional cost]

Even worse, you might think you’re keeping up, but the reality might be that you’re making poor outdated decisions that could derail your business and damage your reputation. [Raise the stakes]

Are you keeping up? Are you a leader or a laggard? [The Gap – from this to that at a Social level]

Here’s a quick quiz to find out if you’re falling behind in your career or business. [Helps you experience The Gap right now]

Do you know what these terms mean and how to apply them?

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Deliberate Practice
  • Deep Work
  • Design Thinking
  • Simple Rules
  • Scrum
  • Wicked Thinking
  • Business Models

How did you do? Would you feel comfortable if your manager announced in your next meeting that your organisation was going to pursue one of these opportunities? Or would you cringe and hide under the table because you didn’t know what they were talking about? That could be a career killer. [Emotional and social example of the cost and benefit]

Would you lead this conversation or lag behind it? [The Gap]

To be informed and make smart decisions you need to learn about what is going on in the world.

If you do nothing, you’ll become a laggard. You’ll fall further and further behind in your business and career. And you’ll miss out on the opportunities that are all around you. [Cost of doing nothing]

Phase 2: What is your Product Solution?

To be a leader, you need to be informed.

And to be informed, you need to tap into the best business brains on the planet [Key Concept].

You could buy their books and read them. But this would cost you ten times more to buy all their books and take ten times longer to read them all. Plus, you have the problem of working out which books are the best ones to read. [Alternative solution – could be done but not ideal]

Instead, at Book Rapper, we’ve done the reading for you [Key Concept] I’ve personally read over 500 books in the past 10 years. From this, I’ve selected the top 65 books you need to know about.

And to save you time and money I’ve summarized these books so you can read them in about 30 minutes each. It’s a fast, easy, self-paced way to keep up to date and take advantage of the opportunities around you.

It’s innovation fuel for your business and career. [Key Concept] And we all need that.

Phase 3: How does your product work?

The Book Rapper library is based on summaries of 65 important business books.

They cover big ideas in the areas of leadership, strategy, self-leadership, productivity, marketing, innovation, and big ideas.

Each one is visually laid out. You can grab the big ideas by scanning each page in seconds. Or read the entire summary in about 30 minutes.

Plus, they have action plans to implement.

In only 30 minutes each week for a year, you will be up to date with the big ideas you need to know about to grow your business and your career.

[This section highlights features and benefits]

Phase 4: What else do you need to know to buy the product?

[This section highlights price, value, terms and conditions and the action needed to buy the product]

For the price of a single print business book, you can have your own personal library of all 65 Book Rapper summaries.

That’s only 50 cents a week for a year-long learning program.

The RAPs are packaged as pdfs so you can access them on all your devices.

And they’re yours to keep and refer to in the years ahead.

To gain instant access simply click on the button below to make your purchase.

[Buy the Book Rapper Library here on Ko-fi]

Make smart decisions and grow your career and your business today. [Repeat Functional reason to buy]

Be a leader, not a laggard. [Close by repeating The Gap]

What do you think? Did this process work? Does this make you want to buy the product? Add a comment and let me know.

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