The Secret to Apple’s Success – Five Books

Apple Books

Apple has been the world’s most admired company over the past few years. They’ve been rated #1 for finance, customer service, innovation and design. As one might expect, this has prompted lots of media attention and a few books dissecting the keys to their success. Here we share five books we like showcasing the secrets to Apple’s spectacular success story.

Inside Apple

How America’s Most Admired – And Secretive – Company Really Works
Adam Lashinsky
An inside look at the leadership and innovation practices used by Apple. Based on numerous insider interviews it’s authored by the Senior Editor at Large for Fortune.
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Insanely Simple

The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success
Ken Segall
Simplicity was Steve Job’s religion and the key to Apple’s success. As ad agency creative director, this author played a key role in Apple’s resurgence. And in this book he provides the simple, minimal, iconic inside story.
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The Apple Experience

Carmine Gallo
Apple’s success is driven by their unbeatable customer experience. And, this book showcases the principles and practices behind this total commitment. The author also wrote a book we previously RAPPED – The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
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Design Like Apple

John Edson
Would like you to become the Apple of your industry? This book looks at the role of design in Apple’s striking success story – and suggests how you can implement this in your business. It’s authored by a designer who has consulted to Apple. Also, beautifully designed – as if it was a book designed by Apple.
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Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson
A deep, engaging and warts-and-all exploration of the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs. This is perhaps the definitive biography and one of the most popular books of the past few years.
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Which book should we RAP next? Add your selection in the comments below.

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