The ONLY Reason to Write a Manifesto

I analysed over 250 manifestos and realised there is only one reason to write a manifesto.

Do you need to write a manifesto?

You might think you do because your friends or colleagues have created one. Or because Seth Godin’s latest best-selling book is one. (The Song of Significance – A New Manifesto for Teams) Or because the Unabomber became famous because he had one.

But do you need to write a manifesto?

Here’s why YOU need to write a manifesto. And there is only one reason.

8 Types of Manifestos to Write

And this applies whether you want to write:

  • A Personal Manifesto
  • For Business
  • Thought Leadership Manifesto
  • Election Promises
  • Art
  • Social
  • Brand Manifesto
  • Design Manifesto

18 Reasons to Write a Manifesto

I’ve collected over 250 manifesto examples over at 1000 Manifestos. When I first analysed all of these examples, I came up with 18 reasons to write a manifesto. But when I looked deeper, I realised they all had one consistent thread.

This is the real reason you need to write a manifesto. Can you spot which one it is?

1Take ‘it’ to a new levelWe all go into cruise mode at some point in time. Do you want an increase in results, performance or rewards?
2Create the FutureAre in default mode – waiting for the future to happen? Are you ready to make it happen and create the future you want?.
3Upset the Status QuoAre you sick of how things are the same day after day? Is it time to shift what’s normal?
4Be Open and TransparentDo you want to turn a closed-door environment into an open and transparent one?
5End What Doesn’t WorkWhat’s not working? Have you had enough? Is it time to draw a line in the sand and move on?
6Achieve Fresh ResultsAre you ready to switch focus and achieve something new? Something big? Something different?
7Create Potent BrandingGreat brands stand for something. Are you ready to take a stand for yourself, your business, and your brand?
8To be Bold and AudaciousAre you sick of hiding out and are ready to go after what’s truly important to you? Is it time to take a risk and be bold?
9Make Change HappenAre you tired of reacting to change and others imposing their will on you? Are you ready to make a shift?
10Be Held to AccountIt can be fun to live free and easy. But sometimes we need to hold ourselves to account to produce the results we want.
11Generate ReferralsIn business, you can spend a lot of time chasing new clients. Would you prefer for more referrals to come to you?
12Win with Social MediaAre you following everyone else on social media? Is it time to step up to the plate and lead the way?
13Be Called Into ActionAre you spending too much time waiting for things to happen? Be called into action instead.
14Start a MovementGreat brands stand for something. Are you ready to take a stand for yourself, your business, and your brand?
15Inspire communityIs your team or community distracted and ineffective? Inspire them to align on a single vision.
16Create ContentAre you wasting your time and effort creating content no one reads? It’s time to stand up and be noticed.
17Bring Ideas to LifeAre you still going nowhere with your big idea? Or are you ready to bring it to life?
18Fulfil Your PurposeAre you struggling to motivate yourself? Perhaps it’s time to create and fulfil your purpose.

Which one is the one reason to write a manifesto?

Did you spot the only reason to write a manifesto?

Which one of these 18 reasons is the one and only reason you must write a manifesto?

And the winner is… To make change happen.

A manifesto is a tool for creating change.

As Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant in life is change.” In other words, you’re either creating or reacting to change. Which one do you want?

Are you going to go through life reacting to whatever happens? Or are you going to take charge and lead the way?

You need a manifesto because it’s your chance to create the change you want to see – To create the world you want to live in. To become the person or organisation you want to be. This applies to your personal life, as a leader in an organisation, as a thought leader working with clients and more.

All the other 17 reasons are simply a more specific example of making change happen.

Which raises the big question: What specific change do you want to make?

  • Do you want to quit your job?
  • Grow your business?
  • Start a business?
  • Build a brand?
  • Create amazing designs?

More on How to Write a Manifesto

What’s in your manifesto? In particular, what change are you going to make? Here are three posts to help you make it happen. 

Add a comment down below and let me know what change you are going to make. 

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