The Ideas Marketing Book

Ideas Marketing I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new book!

It’s called ‘Ideas Marketing: How to Design, Build and Sell Your Idea’. If you’ve been following my blog posts and webinars and seminars and workshops, then you’ll be familiar with some of the content. It takes you through the nine steps of the Ideas Marketing Tree.

The ‘book’ comes in a variety of formats…

  • A five minute Twit Rapper version – the book is summarised as 26 tweets. This is presented as an animated slideshow.
  • Then there is the Book Rapper summary so you can get the core ideas in 30 minutes.
  • Plus, there’s audio – me reading the material.
  • Plus, plus some video content of me presenting the material.
  • And, finally the book – available as an ebook and as a short-run physical book.

I guess you’d say it’s a book pack, rather than a mere book.

It’ll be available for release shortly – just wanted to whet you appetite today and let you know that it’s coming soon to a computer near you.


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