The Great Business Gestalt

Ideas Architect PodcastThe Great Business Gestalt

What’s the Great Business Gestalt? It’s one of our big ideas from the 25 big ideas from my new book: What the #$%?! Is Going On?

In this Podcast Episode

This big idea is about the Great Business Gestalt. A Gestalt is a German word that means the whole cannot be separated from its parts. And, this represents a brand new way to think about your business as a unified entity.

So, in this episode we share:

  • The five principles of Web 2.0
  • The common theme amongst these five principles
  • How Facebook saved it’s business
  • How Amazon won the war
  • Why Google lets you create Mashups
  • The Gestalt of competition branding, sales, marketing, ownership, IP and crowdsourcing, products and services.
  • How can you work with your competitors to build something bigger?

The Great Business Gestalt

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