The Four Hour Work Week Summary

Timothy Ferris: The Four Hour Work WeekThe Four Hour Work Week Book Summary

The Book

Timothy Ferriss; The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich, Vermillion, London, 2007.

The BIG Idea

Our live-to-work culture is obsolete. The Industrial Revolution’s 40 hour a week Deferred Lifestyle has reached retirement age. For the first time in 200 years you can re-frame your work ethic into a personal DIY ethic.

Speed RAP

The three currencies of this global, digital revolution are TIME, INCOME and MOBILITY. The new DEAL is to Define what you want, Eliminate everything extraneous, set-up Automated income stream(s) and Liberate yourself to live the way you say you want. People best placed to truly pull off a mobile lifestyle will already have a lot of skills and knowledge in place. However, EVERYONE can benefit from following Tim Ferriss’ repeatable process. How much is up to you!

Your Challenge

Spin the diamond; face the mirror! What do you see? Now, step into our inspirational, yet risky, RAP and define who the ‘real’ you wants to see mirrored in your eyes each morning. JOLT the way you think about work and metamorphose the way you live.

Four Hour Work Week Book Summary in 26 Tweets

  1. The Four Hour JOLT! – Derived from: @tferriss #FourHourWorkWeek, Vermillion, London, 2007. Newer edition now available.
  2. Big Idea: Our live-to-work culture is obsolete. The Industrial Revolution’s 40 hour a week Deferred Lifestyle has reached retirement age
  3. Speed RAP: The Three currencies of this global, digital revolution are: TIME, INCOME and MOBILITY. Tim’s TIM! LOL!
  4. Your Challenge: JOLT the way you think about work and metamorphose the way you live.
  5. Book Review: Tim’s Deal may not be your deal. It’s action-filled. And, it’s the best selling JOLT you need.
  6. Book Rapper thinks… OMG! I’ve been doing it all wrong! Working to get by, working to die. Time to rework my work!
  7. 2G The 3 Keys to #LifestyleDesign: TIME, INCOME and MOBILITY. Design your life around them! Got it?
  8. In terms of Time, if you’re still working 50-70 (or more) hours a week, then you’re doing no better than they did in steam-driven England
  9. What if you cancelled your retirement? Or dropped dead before you got there? What are you working for?
  10. Is your lifestyle scalable? Time’s limited. How are you going to do more in less time? Solve this to win your prize.
  11. TIM’s DEALDefine what you want, Eliminate everything extraneous, Automate income streams and Liberate yourself – live your way.
  12. DEFINE the rules you’re living by. Want a new life? Live by your new rules.
  13. ELIMINATE anything that doesn’t contribute to your dream. Time is limited. Time wasting is your archenemy.
  14. AUTOMATE your cash flow. Put it on autopilot and stop turning up to earn it. Start a business to reap your income rewards.
  15. LIBERATE yourself! If you weren’t chained to your current location where would you live? Be mobile to be free!
  16. Dear Boss, I know you want to hide this book. Don’t be an ostrich! Help me achieve my goals and I’ll help you get yours.
  17. Retirement is your worst-case scenario. Keep planning for this AND have some fun along the way.
  18. The New Laziness: work smarter rather than for work’s sake.
  19. Information Underload: Eliminate your futile attempt to keep to date with too much stuff. TV, newspapers, web surfing, Twitter…
  20. Don’t manage your time. Manage your focus. Only do the things that impact. Eliminate the rest.
  21. What’s your time worth? Outsource anything that can be done for less per hour by someone else – anywhere in the world – virtually.
  22. One of the simplest ways to autopilot your income is an online product. Pick a niche. Select a product. Test. Roll out. Automate.
  23. Get out of the office! Start with a trial one-day per week. Keep adding a day until you’re in total remote control.
  24. Stop taking vacations! Start taking 3-6 month mini-retirements every year. Earn dollars, live where it’s cheaper. Asia, South America…
  25. WANT MORE? Get the complete Book Rapper issue: Four Hour JOLT!
  26. Want even MORE? Follow @tferriss and buy his book! It’s the real DEAL! New Expanded Edition: #FourHourWorkWeek

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