The Four Hour Jolt! Part 3

The Four Hour Jolt! Part 3
Derived from Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Work Week – New and Expanded Edition Now Available!

Tim’s Blog:

PROFIT : It’s time to abandon the deferred lifeplan. Instead of career planning, opt for life planning. The new DEAL requires you to become a DEALMAKER. TIM’s DEAL is a four-part repeatable process. He suggests that when you get off track, go back to step one (Define) and go through the process again, and again, and again… Until you’re living your dream.

1 Define
What are the rules you are living by? If you want a new lifestyle, it’s time to change your rules. Remember, you made them up or simply adopted them from others. The first step in TIM’s DEAL is to define what you really want. What does your dream lifestyle feel like?

2 Eliminate
Time is life and it’s passing by never to be regained. Your new golden rule is to eliminate anything from your life that doesn’t contribute to you achieving your dreams. Time Management is dead. This second step deals with the first lifestyle ingredient: Time.

3 Automate
Put your cash flow on autopilot and stop turning up to earn it. Start a business that you can reap the benefits from without being in the critical path – Tim calls these muses. This third step deals with the second lifestyle ingredient: Income.

4 Liberate
If you weren’t chained to your current location where would you live? It’s time to adopt the freedom that is available. Rather than flash-by holidays, start taking mini-retirements and escape. This fourth step deals with the third lifestyle ingredient: Mobility.

Dear Boss,
At first thought you might want to hide this book.
It’s a JOLT!
A mega-challenge to every employer from small to big.
The world has changed; ‘Work’ has changed.
To attract and keep the best people to enable you to achieve your goals, you’re going to have to help them achieve theirs.
This may mean rethinking work:

  • A 20 hour week,
  • Working remotely some days,
  • Working a four day week, or
  • Some variation of these.

Personalized workplace arrangements are the opportunity to define the specific and measurable results your employees need to produce to earn their income.
Relate to your valued employees differently.
Enable them to achieve their lifestyle goals whilst they help you achieve your business goals.
This is the best way to win the best people in the Talent War.

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