Some kind words about Geoff…

There is a greater need than ever before to be smart, to have great ideas and to be able to commercialize them and put them into practice. Geoff is one of the people that does that better than anyone I know.

Gihan Perera, author of mulitiple books, including: The Future of Leadership and Fast, Flat and Free


Geoff has an astonishing ability to see things from many and varied angles. He combines his outstanding design capability with a creative mind that draws on diverse resources to come up with solutions that you could not have imagined yourself. If you need a creative solution to a challenging problem… call Geoff!

Helen Macdonald, Optimism Zone, Former National President NSAA (PSA)


Geoff is a one-man creative factory!

Norman Chorn, author of Strategic Alignment


Geoff brings a special skill set to the table. His work in facilitating a number of critical meetings of the Leukaemia Foundation has enabled us to forge ahead in ways that would otherwise not have been possible.

Damien Bown, Chief Executive Officer, Leukaemia Foundation of Victoria


Geoff has been at the intersection of so many different ideas and trends… He has a better sense of the collective zeitgeist of our times than anyone I know.

Dr Jason Fox, author of The Game Changer


Geoff is quite possibly the smartest guy I have ever met. His ability to see inside an idea and figure out the core components of it is masterful. I am consistently blown away by his Book Raps – his ability to distill complex knowledge into a visually appealing yet cerebral satisfying read is magnificent. I am a huge fan of Geoff’s work.

Darren Hill, co-Author of Dealing with the Tough Stuff


Your slides and visuals are first class – they really make things so much clearer – you have a great way of presenting and communicating ideas.

Scott Tetley


I really loved your presentation. Good content, simply and effectively presented, good use of chat questions to take things further, the right pace, an authentic and honest approach in terms of your “selling” – I’d be very pleased with myself if I was to deliver a webinar at your professional standard. I usually come away from webinars with a tinge of disappointment. Not so with this!

Robyn Walshe, Director, Davidson Kemp Consultancy


An amazing mind filled with amazing insight. And, a really nice guy who genuinely cares. Book Rapper is a stroke of genius.

Nigel Collin, author of Herding Monkeys and Game of Inches


Geoff shows people how to think outside the box. With Geoff’s creative contribution to the program, the workshop execution was a tremendous success!

Maria Di Pietro, Organizational Psychologist


Thank you Geoff for the inspiring, clarity-creating process you shared with me in encouraging to write my manifesto. I appreciate your great ability to structure a thinking process which led me to create a motivating and uplifting statement. My manifesto now gives me a keen sense of purpose and mission and adds a new sense of direction to my work in the world – and can help others know clearly what I’m about as well.

Sally Mabelle, Former President, National Speakers’ Association of New Zealand (Auckland)


Geoff streamlined my slides, my presentation and my thinking!

Roger Simpson, author of The Retail Solution


The Content Marketing Blitz was excellent. It clarified what I need to generate another income stream. Thank you!

Michael Major


Geoff’s expertise in creativity and design is invaluable.

Rowdy McLean MBA, FAIM, CSP, Owner, Creating Synergy


Geoff has an in depth knowledge of creating and facilitating ideas and the know how to implement them. He is sharp witted and sharp minded whilst being deeply warm and personable in his approach. My work is more clearly defined, with a clearer sense of direction from our work together.

Helen Omand, Owner,


You helped me a lot in the early days of creating what is now the Bucket List brand – Thank you!

Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy


I leave every conversation with Geoff with clarity, energy and a concrete plan. Brilliant!

Taruni Falconer, Founder-Owner of Intercultural Dynamics


Geoff is brilliant at simple graphic representations of complex concepts.

Lisa Carlin, Future Builders Group


I love this! Book Rapper is the most creative venture into information exchange I have ever seen.

Patterson Stark, Author of Live Now, Die Later


Geoff is a master coach. What he has taught me cannot be found in books.

Matthew Julian Dunley, Training Consultant


Book Rapper is better than reading the full book.

Michelle Bowden, author of How to Present


Book Rapper is the only really time-efficient way to know what you have to know to be the best. The best service of its type!

Brian Campbell, Melbourne’s Management Coach


Geoff McDonald has a gift for coaching. He is able to give clarity and create reality to worlds we want to create for ourselves but are stopped for whatever reason.

Susan Ryan, Artelier Coaching


Geoff is insightful, creative, practical, flexible and generous. In providing a solution for my board game, Geoff also provided ideas on how my business could develop. He gives so much more than I had expected.

Suzanne Mercier, Owner, Imposterhood


Geoff is a terrific sounding board for ideas and a terrific contributor to group discussions. I highly recommend Geoff to help you package up and market your ideas.

Lauchlan Mackinnon, PhD, Director, Cognitive Transitions


I used a number of different Book Rappers in my two day Auckland University short course programme on Mental Fitness. The clarity of thought, organisation of ideas, creative presentation and content helped to give my class a multi-level experience.

Jennie Vickers,


You gave me clarity and got me moving – huge! Many thanks for getting me started in an area I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.

Michael Grose, Parenting Ideas and author of multiple books including Thriving


Geoff is brilliant. He took one look, gave me some perspective, and the idea was born and ready for me to run and play with. I am so excited to work on this project now given the conversation I had with Geoff.

Craig Bulmer, Owner,