Three Kinds of Work

3 Work Types

One of the great things that Todd Henry points to in his inspiring book Die Empty is the focus on work. His view, and I agree, is that working to retire and lay on a beach is not the point of life. Instead, Die Empty implies working on things that matter to you. We previously […]

Todd Henry – Die Empty

Todd Henry - Die Empty

Marketing Time Lag When do you take action? Are you usually spontaneous and act instantly? Or do you stop, ponder and reflect? I first heard about this book Die Empty by Todd Henry on Mitch Joel’s Six Pixel of Separation podcast way back in January. (The podcast was published three months earlier on October 23, […]

Rework by Jason Fried: Book Review

Rework Book

Rework How You Get Things Done I’ve just re-read Re-work and thought a re-view would be useful. Sorry, couldn’t re-sist. Oops. I first read this book a few years ago. And, to be honest I raced through it without taking it to heart. I fell for the trap that Seth Godin was talking about called […]

Timothy Ferris: The Four Hour Work Week

Context Most of us are stuck living a lifestyle we inherited. We followed our well-meaning parents plan of: Get a good education, Get a good job, Work hard and you’ll get to be the boss one day. Tim Ferris says it doesn’t need to be this way. We now have choices. He presents an alternative […]