Four Ways to Waste Time

Waste Time - hourglass

Time. Mmm… Important! Our lives are defined by the time we have from our birth and our death. And, the quality of our lives is determined by what we do in between. We don’t know if we have five days, five months or five decades left in our lives. Yet, despite this natural constraint, I often […]

Create More Time by Slowing Down

Create More Time - Corinella 3

Create More Time Previously, I shared the results of a customer survey that we completed. It suggested that the lack of time was one of the biggest challenges for business owners. Perhaps no surprise there… I was fortunate to attend a weekend retreat a few days ago. It was called The Mindful Life Program and […]

Are you stealing someone’s time?

What do four men do when they have spare time on their hands? They stand on a Melbourne street in the crisp morning air at 7:18 and wait for a parking meter. Not a parking space, a parking meter. I was one of them. We’d all parked our cars and were waiting for the parking […]

The Fundamental Key to Personal and Business Growth

One of the joys of researching, writing and designing Book Rapper is that I learn as I create. I need to understand what I’m writing about to be able to share the key ideas simply and quickly. One of my key strategies is to look for the underlying principles. And in our latest issue ‘Mobilize Me – […]

Book Rapper’s Hot Books for 2009

Here’s the Book Rapper Hot Books for 2009. Here’s my Top Ten list of the books I want to be reading that reflect the biggest issues of our time… Authenticity The Book: Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, Authenticity The Hot Idea: As consumers crave experiences fake ones don’t count. If your product and service is […]