The Ultimate Guide to Planning your Life’s Work

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Life's Work

Your life’s work won’t just happen automagically by itself. To fulfil your life’s work you need a plan. But what’s the best way to do this? ? The Four Principles of Every Game Every culture on the planet plays games. And they’re not just for kids. Games may be simple, like hopscotch or Rock, Paper, Scissors. […]

Seven Ways to Write Your Book Faster Today

Seven ways to write your book faster

You want to write a book, but you fear that it will take too long. Or you’ve already started and it’s taking longer than you thought. How can you write your book faster? In this video, I’ll share the surprising secret to writing your book faster from someone who hasn’t even written a book. Plus, […]

The Surprising Secret to Finish Writing Your Book

The Surprising Secret to Finish Writing Your Book

You’ve started writing your book and now you don’t think you can finish it. How do you keep going? This is the challenge that every author faces at some point in their book. How do you keep going and finish writing your book? I’m probably better qualified than most people to answer this question. I’ve […]

The Best Reason to Write a Book Right Now

The Best Reason to Write a Book Right Now

Have you ever thought that one day you might want to write a book? Perhaps you even wrote it down on your bucket list – write a book, become an author But is that still a good idea? And should you do it right now? In this post, I’ll help you choose. I’ll share nine […]

Content strategy secrets – from beginner to expert

Content Strategy Secrets - From Beginner to Expert

How do you go from a content creation beginner to an expert? Most people take a long time to make this shift because they go about it the wrong way. In this post, I’ll show you the four proven actions you can take today to accelerate your progress. You can apply these content strategy secrets […]

The four steps for how to become a thought leader

Four steps to becoming a thought leader

How do you become a thought leader? In this post, I’ll share the four steps every elite performer in any field takes to get to the top. Plus, three actions to kickstart your progress today. Anders Ericsson and the Science of High Performance Anders Ericsson (1947-2020) was an expert on expertise. He was a world-class […]

Killer content creation value proposition in 3 steps

Killer Client Value Proposition in 3 Steps

To attract your ideal clients you’ll need a content creation value proposition. Content marketing is a modern miracle – you create content, you publish it online and clients turn up in your inbox. That’s amazing, right? Every time it happens to me, I get really excited and I’m proud of my efforts. I’m really pleased […]

How to be focused and stay focused at work

What does it mean to be focused? To be focused, we first need to define what we’re talking about. According to Google, the word ‘focus’ is searched between one million and ten million times every single month. That makes it a very popular and desirable thing. While some of these searches are looking for a […]

How to Write Motivational Stories like Stephen King

Motivational Stories Motivational stories are crucial to our success in life and at work. As human beings, we live in language. And the primary way we do that is to tell stories. We tell stories to others, perhaps at bedtime or in meetings, and we tell stories to ourselves about how the world is and […]

Three Steps to Boost Your Motivation for Productivity Gains

Motivation for Productivity - Getting things done

Motivation for Productivity Do you need motivation for productivity? In their brilliant book, Switch, Chip and Dan Heath suggest the most important thing for being productive is to boost your motivation. (I rapped this book over at Book Rapper as Sticky Change) Think back to the last time you were trying to complete an important […]