Eight Classic Ways to Structure Your Ebook

eBook Skeleton Head

How to Structure Your Ebook A lot of what has been written about creating ebooks and books focusses on the usual things of Topics, Planning, Writing, Editing, Publishing, Selling and Promoting. This is all useful stuff. And, it’s all pretty standard stuff. One of the big misses from this list is a key design element […]

The E-Book Revolution by Gihan Perera

Given I’m re-inventing Book Rapper at the moment, I’m on the look out for comments, thoughts and takes on books, e-books and publishing. Here’s a webinar and interesting take on ebooks by Internet Coach Gihan Perera. It’s called The E-Book Revolution. He makes the point that instead of selling ebooks for their own sake, the […]

Are Books and Websites Merging?

Google have made a bucket-load of money from targeted ads. And, a really, really, really big bucket at that. By matching your search requests with related advertising they’ve made billions – one click at a time. Now, Amazon wants to walk down a similar path. Fast Company has reported that Amazon has filed a number […]