Coffee and Four Innovation Lessons

Innovation Lessons from Coffee

Some of life’s simplest pleasures can provide the greatest opportunity if we’d just take a moment to explore them. Today, in the spirit of Jerry Seinfeld we look at coffee as a filter for innovation. This is episode 74 of the Ideas Architect Podcast and it is based on a previous blog post. We look at […]

Innovation Lessons From Coffee

Innovation Lessons from Coffee

Seinfeld built a fabulous career from his observations of the everyday. And, today it’s my turn. Let’s take the important subject of innovation and view it through the filter of something way more important – your daily cup of coffee. Here’s four innovation lessons you can ponder whilst you savour your latte, espresso or decaf […]

Simple Stories and Good Coffee

Simple Stories, Great Coffee

Stories I’ve fallen in love with two things lately… If you’ve been reading this blog you might have noticed I have a ‘thing’ for stories at the moment. For a long while I dismissed them as a simple spin of the usual marketing spiel. Now, I’ve come to realize something different. They’re fundamental to human […]