Content strategy secrets – from beginner to expert

Content Strategy Secrets - From Beginner to Expert

How do you go from a content creation beginner to an expert? Most people take a long time to make this shift because they go about it the wrong way. In this post, I’ll show you the four proven actions you can take today to accelerate your progress. You can apply these content strategy secrets […]

The four steps for how to become a thought leader

Four steps to becoming a thought leader

How do you become a thought leader? In this post, I’ll share the four steps every elite performer in any field takes to get to the top. Plus, three actions to kickstart your progress today. Anders Ericsson and the Science of High Performance Anders Ericsson (1947-2020) was an expert on expertise. He was a world-class […]

Coaching: Five Ways to Help People

Coaching - Help People

What and How As experts and consultants we often spend a lot of time thinking about what we do and not what the buyer experiences from us. I wrote about this previously here: ‘Why Experts Fail Too Often’. Recently I’ve started to review my business coaching material as I rewrite and upgrade this website. And, […]