Ten Big Book Writing Mistakes I’ve Made – Author Mistakes

My Ten Big Book Writing Mistakes - Author Mistakes

Do you want to write a book? Great idea. As someone who’s written and self-published ten books, I can heartily recommend the challenge of writing a book. It might be the biggest and best thing you do in your life. I view writing a book as a heroic challenge. It’s something that will require you […]

The Best Project Planning Example for Content Creation

The Best Project Planning Example for Content Creation

The best project planning example is for those of you who want to be successful as a content creator and thought leader. Two things Every Content Creator Needs To consistently create great content you need to do two things. First, you must consistently create and share content. And second, you must consistently grow your skills […]

How to Write Bad Books

Bad Books

I read a lot of books. And, I share a lot of the better ones here through book reviews and the really good ones over at Book Rapper. I generally don’t share with you the ones that I consider to be ‘bad’ books. I thought it was time to share some of the things that […]

Write A Book The Easy Way – Eighteen Different Examples

18 Different ways to write a book

Why Write a Book? 18 different ways to write a book answers the question: How do you position yourself as a thought leader? [Updated and rewritten November 2021] One of the tried and tested ways is to write a book. Having your own book shows that you know a great deal about your niche or subject […]

How to Write your Book Faster!

This blog post was inspired by a comment from Corrinne with regard to our earlier post on the slideshow used by the authors of The Plateau Effect to promote their book. Corrinne is writing her own book and jokingly asked for any gems on getting it done faster. So, here’s a general response… Know where […]