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How to Build Collaborative Communities

The Book Barry Libert and Jon Spector and thousands of Contributors, We Are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business Speed RAP Bees do it; kids live it; grown-ups adopt it; smart business values it. Collaborative Communities are the near future now. Web 2.0 has enabled community building through…

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Book Rapper Hot Books Hot Trends 2008

Make Money From Niches Derived from Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail The Hot Idea: Digitalization has lowered the profit barrier meaning we no longer need to rely on creating big selling blockbuster products. Instead, small profitable niches become a safe and reliable way to riches. Author’s blog: http://www.thelongtail.com/ Book Rapper: http://www.bookrapper.com/1_The_Long_Tail.html How to Think Right…

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