Seven Ways to Write Your Book Faster Today

Seven ways to write your book faster

You want to write a book, but you fear that it will take too long. Or you’ve already started and it’s taking longer than you thought. How can you write your book faster? In this video, I’ll share the surprising secret to writing your book faster from someone who hasn’t even written a book. Plus, […]

Book Writing Tips – Write your book easier

Book Writing Tips to Write Your Book Easier

You’ve decided to write a book. Great. Now, do you want to write it the hard way or the easy way? Writing a book is not easy Writing a book is not easy. I’ve written and finished ten of them and started more than 25 others that I haven’t finished. If it was easy, I would […]

Write Better Right Now – Book Review

Write Better Right Now by Mary Kate Mackey

Write Better Right Now – Book Review Write better? We could all use a little help here and this book might be just what you need. (Here is another book in our series: Best Books for Writers and Authors.) Some books you read are like a raging bushfire. They start small, quickly get of control […]

Why We Write: Book Review

Why We Write – Book Review Editor Meredith Maran has compiled a peek behind the curtain of some of the world’s best writers in her book, Why We Write. She secured 20 acclaimed authors to share their thoughts on how and why they do what they do. Each of the authors has written a short […]

Best Books for Writers and Authors

Best Books for Writers and Authors What are the best books for writers and authors? I’ve been reading a lot of books – as usual – and in particular, books to help me with my writing. Here is my list of best books for writers and authors. I’ll add more as I read them. Plus […]

A Big Problem for Many Authors That’s Easily Avoided

Following on from our previous post: Big Opportunities for Authors to Spread Their Message Further and Deeper, I want to point to a conceptual problem for many authors. Writing and publishing your book is like having a child. It can take at least as long to produce and then you become very proud and very […]

Big Opportunities for Authors To Spread Their Message Further and Deeper

Seth Godin is a master at saying it better than me! He has the knack for speaking in simple, easy to digest words. And, in his recent post Information Density, he nailed the whole point of Book Rapper. And, a BIG opportunity for authors. Providing Choice Seth was talking about choice for customers. How much […]