Creating Products: The Secret to Quick and Easy

Creating Products - t-shirt example

Previously we listed 15 ways to grow your business using products. If only it was that easy. Well, maybe it is easier than you think to create your own products. Here we’ll share the secret to doing creating products quickly and easily using the humble t-shirt as a primary example.

Create Products?

When we say ‘Create Products’ what do you instantly think of?

  • Are you looking at your iPhone?
  • Are you thinking about that book you keep saying you’re going to write?
  • Are you thinking about some beautifully painted masterpiece?

These products all take time. And, that’s okay, they may be worth the investment of time if:

  1. Your clients will love them
  2. They can fulfil your business objectives.

Sometimes we want the perfect product and sometimes we want quick and easy. In this post we’re talking about creating products quickly and easily. And, to do this we need to adopt a different approach.

The Secret to Creating Products

The secret to creating products quickly and easily is to not start from scratch. In other words, to start with the product already half built for you.

Creating a Website

Consider your website for a moment. You don’t start by inventing websites. That’s already been done. You’re more likely to start with a set of pre-built software.

For instance, you might start with WordPress – millions do! It’s a content management system that’s already been built. All you need to do is add a WordPress database to your web hosting platform and the basic shell for your website is instantly created.

Then, to update the look and feel for your website you can purchase a theme. This is a further product template that makes it quicker and easier to make a fancy website in the shortest possible amount of time.

All you need to do is add your content – a few images, some words, perhaps a video…

You can apply the same principle to creating products.

The secret to creating products quickly and easily is to use templates that have already been created for you. It’s such a fast method because all you need to do is create the content.

The World’s Greatest Product Template

Perhaps the world’s greatest product template is the t-shirt. It’s a fairly simple piece of clothing. By itself it’s not that significant.

Yet, if you consider it as a blank canvas ready for your masterpiece, then you get the concept of a product template. Simply add an image to the front and/or back of your shirt and you have the ultimate simple template for creating new products.

There are millions of t-shirts sold around the world everyday. People wear them to show off their identity. For instance, wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt says something about you. So does, wearing that one you bought in Morocco. Or that tattered and worn one with your college logo or sporting team on it.

Is it the Right Product?

You might be thinking t-shirts are not for me. That’s fine it’s only an example.

And, if you’re building a community, having a t-shirt may be an excellent first product. It gives your tribe members a platform to share their identity and to promote your cause.

In thinking of creating products quickly and easily start to look at off-the-shelf solutions or product templates where you simply add your content.

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