The Five Big Reasons NOT to Have a Manifesto

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Manifestos are not for everyone. Previously I shared 17 reasons to have a manifesto. But a manifesto is a high-powered tool and in this post, we provide the alternative view: The five big reasons NOT to have a manifesto.

Are you happy with your current results?

If you’re happy with the current level of results then you don’t need a manifesto. The design of a manifesto is based on declaring your intention and you only do this if you want something bigger, better or different to what you you currently have. If you’re happy with your current results, don’t invest the time to create a manifesto.

Do you want to stay private?

By definition, manifestos are designed to be public. A manifesto is a PUBLIC declaration of your intent. And the big challenge when you go public with your goals and intentions is that other people are likely to hold you to account. It might just be a friend or colleague who asks, ‘How’s your project going?’ If you don’t want to be held publicly accountable for your actions, then keep your projects private.

Are you bold and audacious?

Are you timid and shy or bold and audacious? Manifestos are usually bold and audacious – they call for change, they point to the future, they end things that don’t work. It takes courage and vulnerability to declare your fresh intent. If you’re not up for a bigger game, don’t play.

Are you happy with the status quo?

Manifestos are powerful tools for change. Words have power and meaning. When you say that you want something different for yourself, for others or the world, then not everyone is going to agree with you. Manifestos are intended to deliberately upset the status quo – yours and others. If you’re not willing to create some waves, don’t dive in.

Do you want to work alone?

If you’re happy working alone and independently, then you have no need for a manifesto. You can simply keep your thoughts in your head. Manifestos are attractive because they’re a call to action. When you declare a manifesto it’s likely that others around you might want to join you in your quest. If you don’t want to gather a community around your idea then don’t put out your siren call to others.

Do you need a manifesto? Or, are you happy with where you’re at?

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