16 Ways to Score Your Next Speaking Gig

16 Ways to Score Your Next Speaking Gig

I’ve been asking a few speakers how they get their gigs. Here’s a general list from their responses of what really works:

  1. Past clients – This depends on the opportunity for repeat business, if it’s a conference keynote slot then it may be difficult to gain repeat business every year
  2. Clients that book you for other things, eg training, consulting, coaching
  3. Book Sales – ‘We loved your book so much we were wondering what else you do…’ And, strangely, potential clients don’t have to read your book to be sold!
  4. Product Sales – Same as book sales: We loved it and we want more!
  5. Speaker Referrals – supporting your fellow speakers is good for everyone.
  6. Colleague Referrals – referrals from colleagues who work in other fields. Keep them up to date with your current topics, research and thinking.
  7. Client Referrals – The best way to have this happen is to do a great job!
  8. Speakers Bureaus – Generally as a direct request to the bureau.
  9. Articles – In particular in trade magazines and newspapers as these position you as an expert.
  10. Email Marketing – “I’ve been receiving your emails for a while and now we have an event coming up…”
  11. Submit Papers – Mostly for academic presentations at conferences.
  12. Google Adwords – Who pops up in the search results when you type in your area of expertise? Be found for your keywords.
  13. Webinar Audience – This is one way to book yourself! Run a live event for your audience and you never know who might be listening. You might then be asked to deliver online or face-to-face.
  14. Public Seminars – Like webinars, this is another way to book yourself and be found by your prospective audience.
  15. Linked In – Participate in groups and share your expertise. And make sure your profile is well written for any enquiries that follow.
  16. Content MarketingJason Fox shared recently that he secured a presentation in Finland after the client had watched one of his video presentations online.

Did I miss any? Love to hear your thoughts about which ones work best for you…

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