Leaderful: A book in 26 tweets: Twit Rapper N-Z

Leaderful: A book in 26 tweets: Twit Rapper N-Z

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Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom; The Starfish and the Spider
Twit Rapper A-M

Twit Rapper N-Z

History of the Music Industry: Starfish > Spider > Starfish: Live travelling performers > Gramophone/Recording Companies > Napster

3O 5 Legs of Decentralized Organizations: Catalyst to start, champion to implement, ideology to follow, network to build, in small circles

3P Two ways to decentralize your organization: Decentralize the customer experience and spin-off business units

3Q Decentralize by letting your customer contribute: go DIY, crowdsource, give them voice, let them instruct others

3R Centralized organizations build structure whereas decentralized ones use clear ideology as glue

3S To fight a starfish organization: attempt to change it’s ideology or suggest it centralize. Otherwise decentralize yourself.

3T Centralized organizations rely on scale to achieve big results. Starfish organizations thrive on being small.

3U CEO’s might rule spider organizations. And, Catalysts inspire people to act. They suggest a course of action then let go.

3V In a spider organization it’s presumed the head knows best. Starfish organization spread knowledge rather than concentrate it.

3W Spider organizations rely on command and control to standardize and bring order. No wonder innovation struggles!

3X In a starfish organization people are more likely to want to share their knowledge. Think Open Source code or Wikipedia.

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