iPresent: How to enthrall your audience like Steve Jobs – Part 3

iPresent: How to enthrall your audience like Steve Jobs – Part 3
Derived from : Carmine Gallo; The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

RAP2 : Big Design
PROFIT : Before you touch your slides you have to plan where you’re going. These three big picture elements are crucial to framing your presentation.

Watch the video, read the RAP and apply it.


Where are We Going?
“Today we are introducing 3 revolutionary products.”
“I want to spend time with you talking about the economy, our industry, and the work we are doing at Microsoft.”
“I’ve got four things I’d like to talk to you about today, so let’s get started…”
Quotes by Steve Jobs.

Speeches need to be written for the ear, not the eye.
Obvious? You bet. And you can help your audience follow you by offering a numbered sequence.
Tell your listeners where you’ve been and where you’re going.
The Rule of Three is a potent tool. Comedians know it works. Obama does too. And so does your brain!
Group your ideas in sets of three to turn a natural rhythm. Good. Better. Best.
Plan: Introduction, 3 points, conclusion.
Talk: three sentences in each paragraph, three points within sentences, three examples in each set.
Make a list of all the points you want to make. Group them until you have only three major messages. Check how we’ve structured this issue.
Add story elements to each key point… personal stories, facts, examples, analogies, metaphors, third-party endorsements. Done!

Faster Than Twitter
Macbook Air: The world’s thinnest notebook
Twitter is a piano tuner for the mind. It forces you to be clear, crisp and concise. 140 characters for your entire message. That’s it.
When scripting your key points make it easy for your listeners to catch them. Write a key phrase, a headline, a tweet, something they can take home and re-use.
Ten words or less is ideal. Be specific, memorable and provide a personal benefit. Say it well, say it often.
Repeat it consistently. Jobs said ‘reinvent the phone’ five times in his 2007 Macworld unveiling.

Holy Shit!

In January 2008, Jobs said: “This is the MacBook Air, so thin it even fits inside one of those envelopes you see floating around the office.” He then walked across the stage, picked up such an envelope and pulled out a notebook computer. The crowd went wild.
It was a moment that stole the audience’s breath. You could hear the gasps, see the jaws drop and hear ‘holy shit’ echo around the room.
The secret to a ‘holy shit’ moment is focus. Focus on one thing. And, one thing only.
Like a good joke teller you need to lead your audience down one path and… hit them over the head with a surprise they didn’t see coming!
Your ‘holy shit’ moment could be an announcement, a memorable story or a stunning demonstration.
Think of a Speilberg movie moment. Indiana Jones is confronted by a sword wielding maniac. What should he do? Pull out his gun, of course…
Create the tension, hold it, then release!
Script the memory, rehearse it well and perform it perfectly!

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