Interview with Ian Berry, The Change Master

Changing Whats Normal Manifesto

Today, we’re talking with Ian Berry, The Change Master and founder of Difference Makers.

What prompted you to create your manifesto?

I have always been interested in capturing my message in as few words as possible.  I have also never placed a lot of value in mission statements as I believe missions matter however mission statements don’t and so the concept of a manifesto is appealing to me.

How did you go about creating your manifesto?

My book Changing What’s Normal comes out shortly and my manifesto came from thinking about the issues I wanted to address in the book.

Where do you use your manifesto?

I have it on my office wall as a constant reminder of what I am helping people to work on and be successful in. I will be also using it to promote my book and eventually I imagine my manifesto or links to it will appear in lots of places online.

What specific benefit/difference has it made having a manifesto?

It has helped me tremendously to focus and keep reminding myself about what is really important to me and the people I partner in bringing about change that people can actually believe in and change where everyone can win.

Any other comments about manifestos you’d like to make?

I am really glad I have embraced this.  It has also led me to read lots of other manifestos and I am inspired by what many people are doing to make a difference in the world.

Thanks Ian!


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