Hidden Talents: What Are You Hiding?

Hidden TalentsHidden Talents

Lately, I’ve been exploring the questions: ‘What am I great at?’ and ‘What are my weaknesses?’ Out of this discussion, I’ve noticed a third element that could give an instant boost to your business and sharpen your brand edge in a single move.

And, that’s your hidden talents.

Your hidden talents lie within your zone of strengths. They’re things you’re good at that you don’t utilise to their greatest effect.

For instance…

  • Do you sing sweet sonnets in the shower?
  • Are you a great cook who rarely prepares meals for others?
  • Are you a pocket dynamo at a weekend activity that your work colleagues don’t know about?

InspireAdmired Talents

I run two modes of creating things and taking notes. On my computer I do the usual things: I write, I design and I use spreadsheets to calculate numbers. I also have my trusty notebooks. They’re blank paged pads ready to be scribbled in with felt-tip markers and coloured pens. Mine are filled with drawings, scribbles, maps, plans and half-baked ideas. There’s a few rough and ready samples on this page.

I get a lot of comments about my notepads. As a former architect, a lot of people comment on my lettering. Others simply love the mind maps and diagrams I create.

Email MarketingAnd, finally, the technology and the format for me to express this mode of working is now available: Grab iPhone, take photo, do a laptop load, edit the edges and post.

Whilst I won’t be trying to make perfect hand-drawn artworks, I will have to improve the quality beyond what I’ve posted here today. Plus, I’m not sure of the best way to weave them into my website at the moment and we’ll find away. So, lookout… one of my hidden talents is about to be revealed and shared!

I’d been thinking about this for a while. The most recent inspiration came from Dr Jason Fox. He uses his sketches on his website and in his new book (I got a sneak peak yesterday). Hats off to Dr Fox!

Business ModelSuper Branding

And, why would I do this? This is the power of your hidden talents. It’s a shortcut to distinct branding. From generic to special in one small step.

It’s these combinations of the singing chef or the joke-telling engineer or the hand drawn website that stand out because they’re unique, different and counter to what you’d expect.

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Four Steps to Expose Your Hidden Talents

Hopefully I’ve triggered some brain cell activity and you’re thinking about your hidden talents. Here’s four questions to consider…

  1. What are your hidden talents? Make a list.
  2. Why are they hidden? Be honest, no one is saying you have to share anything. Remember, some things are best hidden.
  3. What could you achieve if you did share them?
  4. How could they add or detract from your brand?

Love to hear your thoughts about this and your experience of sharing your hidden talents. Add a comment below.


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