Eight Elements of Ideas Marketing

The Eight Elements of Ideas Marketing

Ideas Marketing is a unique approach to designing, building and selling your ideas. Here are the eight core elements of Ideas Marketing…

1 Manifesto

All great things start with a declaration. And, your manifesto is your public declaration of your intent. It becomes the BIG idea that you build through the following elements.

Plenty of examples here: 1000Manifestos.com

2 Game

If your manifesto is your broad stroke vision for the future, then your game is the specific, quantifiable and timed strategic plan. In contrast to traditional planning, your Ideas Marketing Game is about the existence of your BIG idea, not completing your to-do list.

3 Publish

With the rise of digital technologies, every business is now a publisher. This is crucial for spreading your word far and wide with ease and efficiency. For business experts this domain includes content marketing, social media, website design, book publishing, storytelling, video and audio. Your Manifesto and Game tell you what publish.

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4 Experience

The rise of the publisher also means a tidal wave of information and this has prompted the birth of the Experience Economy. Your goal here is build your BIG idea as a set of emotional moments both online and face-to-face. For the business expert this includes creating seminars, meetups, webinars, video, podcasts, keynote presentations, coaching/mentoring sessions and networking events.

5 Artifacts

Human beings have become the most powerful presence on the planet because of the tools they have built. You only need to look around you to see the evidence: computers, phones, buildings, cars and cities. Your goal here is to build tools that extend the capabilities and possibilities for your audience. What can they do more/less of with less effort? For business experts this might include: business systems, software, diaries, apps, checklists, diagnostic tools, souvenirs and activators.

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6 Cult

Human beings are social animals. Being with other like-minded individuals is vital for our health and wellbeing. And, it’s the key to deepening the connection with your BIG idea. Your goal here is to build a community that allows members to flourish and become more of who they want to be. For business experts the key is to build a group identity, foster connections, promote meaning, provide powerful experiences and it requires you to lead the way.

7 Rituals

Building your BIG idea is not passive. It requires action, practices, habits and rituals. Your goal here is to turn ‘doing stuff’ into a set of purposeful and meaningful habits. Ideally, the rituals you create will allow your audience to live your BIG idea everyday. And, they may require your artifacts to do it with ease, grace and power.

8 Gestalt

The ultimate expression of your BIG idea is to create a sustainable way to bring it to life. For business experts this revolves around developing a profitable business. To do this you need a personal business model that creates, builds and retains value in your unique way. It also needs to provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

Which of these elements are you already employing? Which ones could you add?

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