Christmas as an Idea

A Simpon's Christmas

Today, for many people around the world is a day of celebration. Depending on your faith you may or may not be celebrating Christmas. Or, in old English terms ‘Christ’s Mass’. Regardless of your interest in Christmas as a religious event, it makes a great case study on how to package your idea. Let’s consider some of the key elements…


The story of the birth of Jesus is legendary. It is told and retold every new in various forms from school pantomimes through to Hollywood movies (including spoofs like Monty Python’s Life of Brian). This is the crucial ‘why’ and meaning behind our actions today. If you like, it’s the intent, the manifesto behind the event.

Specific Date

This is crucial for focus. It’s tough to maintain interest in something when you have to do it every day or week. Way easier to charge up the interest levels when it’s one specific day of the year. And, even better, it’s fixed into our calendars. For many families it’s the one day of year booked well in advance that we all sit down and share a meal.


Christmas is typically represented by red and green. Strangely, Red represents the blood of Jesus ironically from his death on the cross- even though we’re celebrating his birth! Green represents life and the evergreen tree becomes the physical manifestation of this – although some suggest it is derived from pagan traditions.


Nativity scenes are the direct representation of Christ’s birth. The Christmas tree an direct symbol and celebrated in many cities around the world. Lights, banners and candles are also part of the show. Father Christmas, St Nicholas or Santa Claus is another recent addition that has mixed links to the original Christmas story.


Christmas cards are a relatively new and perhaps already obsolete practice. According to Wikipedia, first sent in 1843 and now being replaced by e-cards.

Rituals and Practices

The practice that stands out for me is the singing of Christmas Carols. These extend the tradition of singing religious hymns.

The giving of presents reflects the wise men who gave gifts to baby Jesus. Interestingly it was banned by the Catholic Church during the middle ages due to its suspected pagan origins. Today, the pursuit of the dollar by retailers fuels the guilt or desire to buy presents for friends and family.

Your Big Idea

This Christmas as you share presents, eat your lunch and admire your Christmas tree, spare a thought for your idea and how you can turn it into an immortal event that is shared by millions around the world. Now, that’s a big idea!


This article used Wikipedia’s “Christmas” page as a reference.
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