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Project Done is our program for helping your complete your projects. This blog category includes many of things we talk about in this program. This includes:

  • Motivation – both toward and away from visions
  • Productivity – what’s the best way for you to design your work?
  • Goal-setting – often we fail to achieve our goals because we choose the wrong goal to pursue
  • Willpower – useful and insufficient by itself
  • Habits – one of the most powerful forces we can employ to get more done with less effort
  • Environmental design – the invisible force that shapes what we do and don’t do
  • Rules – a simple way to promote innovation, flexibility and combat complexity
Project Passion Elephant

Review your Results in Two Simple Steps

Review Your Results Too many of us spend too long getting things done and not enough time learning from what we’ve achieved (or not). This is tragic when you can you review your results in two simple steps and dramatically improve your future performance. Imagine this… You’ve just finished your work (your day, your project […]

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Project Passion Elephant

Do More With Less

Do More with Less Do More with Less is episode #111 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Here is the video and transcript… Are you stretched to your limits? Are you just hanging on? Life is fast – keeping up with all the software updates is tough let alone mastering them Everything is complex – even […]

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Taruni Falconer - Cross-cultural Leadership Habits

Taruni Falconer – Cross-Cultural Leadership Habits

Taruni Falconer Cross-cultural communication expert Taruni Falconer helps people work in other cultures or coming to Australasia. Her role is to help them navigate their new cultural landscape and work settings. Effectively, Taruni Falconer is a Habits Coach. She help leaders communicate effectively in high-stakes situations and teaches them how to develop powerful habits and […]

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Ideas Architect Podcast

Business Strategy Rules Rule

Business Strategy Rules The big challenge around Business Strategy Rules and Project Design is to plan just the right amount. My first career was as an architect. Our role was to plan every single thing before any construction started. Whilst this worked for 50-storey skyscrapers, it’s unlikely to be the best way to design your […]

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