Five Creativity Synonyms to be more Creative at Work

Five Creativity Synonyms to be more creative at work

How can you be more creative at work today? One thing that stops people from being creative at work is the way they define creativity. They see it as being about art and play which is often seen as the opposite of work. To instantly be more creative, use more and different ways to define your […]

The Business Innovation Super Skill – Skyrocket Your Results

The Super Skill to Skyrocket Your Business Innovation Results

I studied neuroscience to discover the super skill you need to skyrocket your business innovation results. It’s the reason Van Gogh was broke when he died whereas Picasso left an estate worth $750 million. Plus I’ll share seven ways you can build this super skill today to skyrocket your business innovation results. The Big Innovation […]

The best way to strangle your business innovation

The Best Way to Strangle Your Business Innovation - Avoid this!

I studied neuroscience and discovered the number one way to strangle your business innovation. If you don’t overcome this challenge you won’t become an innovator or realise your innovation dreams. Most people think business innovation fails because of a lack of a good idea or poor execution. While they both hurt, they are NOT the […]

Start Here – The FIRST Step in any Business Innovation

Start Here - the FIRST step in any business innovation

I studied neuroscience to discover the first step you must take in any business innovation project. Stick around to learn this vital principle plus SEVEN actions you can take right now to kickstart your innovation.   Why Innovation is like going on a First Date Have you ever been on a first date and had […]

Business Innovation Fails for One of These 3 Reasons

Business Innovation Fails for One of these Three Reasons

I studied neuroscience to discover the three big reasons why your business innovation fails. Learn the three things stopping you from being successful and nine things to do instead. Neuroscience and Business Innovation Gregory Berns is a neuroscientist. He wrote a great book about the neuroscience of personal innovation called Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How […]

Five Lean Startup Principles

What are the key Lean Startup Principles? The Lean Startup principles are the key to understanding and implementing this approach. They highlight the difference between traditional management which aims to get things done and innovation management which aims to create new things. 1 Entrepreneurs are everywhere Startups don’t just happen in garages. Anyone creating a […]

Why Startups Fail

Why Startups Fail

The Lean Startup and Why Startups Fail The Lean Startup by Eric Ries asks the important question: why startups fail? Don’t let the word ‘startup’ fool you. You don’t have to be starting a whole new organisation from scratch, you merely need to be starting something new. For instance, creating a new product or service. […]

Innovation and Sport

Innovation and Sport - the influence of the crowd

Innovation and Sport are one of the reasons I’m such a big sports fan. I’ll watch almost any high-level sporting event. I love football (AFL), enjoy cricket and right now am giving up my sleep to watch Le Tour De France. Competition Drives Improvement One of the things I love about sport is that it […]

The Innovation Accelerator

Steven Johnson

Innovation and Coffee Recently, I wrote about Innovation Lessons from drinking coffee. The post was so popular I turned it into a podcast episode also. I was telling a colleague Suzanne Mercier about this and they said, ‘Have you seen the TED talk about innovation in coffee houses?’ I hadn’t and here it is… Steven […]

Innovation Lessons: World’s Fastest Bike

Innovation Lessons from the World's Fastest Bike

It’s coming around to that time of year again when I stay up late to watch perhaps the most spectacular sporting events in the world: Le Tour De France. And, in the spirit of cycling and innovation we share ten innovation lessons from the creation of Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS bike that Mark Cavendish and […]