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Doing more of the same is a great recipe for falling behind and failing fast. Instead, we need to be constantly and continuously looking for new opportunity to create new things and new ways of serving our customers.

Le Tour De France - Innovation and Sport

Innovation and Sport

I’m a big sports fan. I’ll watch almost any high-level sporting event. I love the football (AFL), enjoy the cricket and right now am giving up my sleep to watch Le Tour De France. Competition Drives Improvement One of the things I love about sport is that it is a hotbed for strategy and innovation.…

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Steven Johnson

The Innovation Accelerator

Innovation and Coffee Recently, I wrote about Innovation Lessons from drinking coffee. The post was so popular I turned it into a podcast episode also. I was telling a colleague Suzanne Mercier about this and they said, ‘Have you seen the TED talk about innovation in coffee houses?’ I hadn’t and here it is… Steven…

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Innovation Lessons from the World's Fastest Bike

Innovation Lessons: World’s Fastest Bike

It’s coming around to that time of year again when I stay up late to watch perhaps the most spectacular sporting events in the world: Le Tour De France. And, in the spirit of cycling and innovation we share ten innovation lessons from the creation of Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS bike that Mark Cavendish and…

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Isaac Newton - leaders in your field

Leaders in Your Field

Who are the Leaders in Your Field? Sir Isaac Newton once said: If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants. (Although this appears to come from Bernard of Chartres) And, in his recent blog post, Seth Godin updates this quote by saying: If you don’t know who the must-reads…

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Innovation Lessons from Coffee

Coffee and Four Innovation Lessons

Some of life’s simplest pleasures can provide the greatest opportunity if we’d just take a moment to explore them. Today, in the spirit of Jerry Seinfeld we look at coffee as a filter for innovation. This is episode 74 of the Ideas Architect Podcast and it is based on a previous blog post. We look at…

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F1 Innovation - Reliability Versus Performance

F1 Innovation

Innovation Winners and Losers Formula One motor racing is a hotbed for innovation. As a spectator you literally are able to see the results of innovation through the winners on the racetrack. This year, Mercedes Benz have a taken a big leap in performance resulting in them dominating the F1 Championship. Ferrari has also taken…

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Change Points

The Three Essential Change Points

As a business consultant, I’m well aware the reason that my job is to create change for my clients. If I don’t create change or worse, I create an undesirable change then that’s not good for my client or for my reputation. I used to think that there was only one change that mattered. Now…

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Nadine Parkington - Think Nimble

Nadine Parkington: Digital Strategy

In Episode 70 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we talk with Nadine Parkington about creating digital marketing strategy in the face of dramatic technological change and disruption from global competition. Nadine Parkington Nadine Parkington is the Founder of Think Nimble who provides digital marketing strategy for established brands. Her core philosophy revolves around the use…

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Innovation Lessons - Curry

Innovation Lessons from Cooking Curry

How to Cook a Curry I was talking recently with a colleague about food. In particular, we were talking about some of the ways different food in different countries evolved. The standout example was Indian food. In India we all know about the heavy use of spices in preparing curries that are cooked long and…

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