The Ultimate Guide to Creating Thought Leadership Content

The Ultimate Guide to creating Thought Leadership Content - The Content Creation Manifesto

We need more Thought Leadership Content While the world doesn’t need more content – we’re already drowning in it – we desperately need more thought leadership content We need people to make sense of the chaos, to provide clarity in our uncertain world and, most importantly, to present fresh possibilities and alternatives to the choices […]

Content Creation Canvas: Build Thought Leadership Attract New Clients

Content Creation Canvas: Build Thought Leadership, Attract New Clients

Thought Leaders earn money from their ideas. This means the most important part of your business is to create and share your IP and content to attract and keep clients. But what IP and content should you create? How should you create it? And where should you share and publish it? The Content Creation Canvas […]

The Best Types of Thought Leadership Content to Create

The Best Types of Thought Leadership Content to Create

Usually when people discuss the best types of Thought Leadership Content to create they look for tactics. They want to know things like: The key to success is to write a 212-word post using three secret hashtags to publish on LinkedIn at precisely 8:37 am on a Tuesday morning and it needs to be liked […]

The Daring Content Creation Idea that Doubles Your Results

Capital Content - A daring Content Creation Idea that doubles your results

The daring content creation idea that doubles your results The single biggest challenge for all solo business professionals is to balance the need to service your existing clients while also attracting new ones. In this post, I’ll show a daring content creation idea that doubles your results and addresses this age-old business challenge.  It’s especially […]

Book Writing Template – Make your book great in 6 steps

Make Your Book Great - Six Step Book Writing Template

A six-step book writing template to help you make your book great. Writing a great book can provide a big boost to your reputation and your business. But it can also take a lot of time and effort to produce – especially if you’re writing your first book and you’re not sure how to go about […]

The Five to 25 Times Better Content Marketing Strategy

The Five to 25 times better Content Marketing Strategy

For a lot of businesses and individual thoughts leaders publishing content is an important part of their marketing strategy. But what’s the best content marketing strategy for you? The right strategy can lead to fast results, but the wrong strategy can lead to frustration from the wasted effort and the lack of results. In this […]

How to Create a Content Calendar that Earns You Money

How to create a Content Calendar that earns you money

How to create a content calendar that earns you money The biggest challenge for all content creators is to know what to create and when to create it. Preplanning your content creation with a content calendar solves this problem. But the way most people create their content calendar is flawed because they focus on the […]

Content Pillars: The Insider Strategy to Becoming a Thought Leader

Content Pillars

Content Pillars are an essential strategy to becoming a thought leader. To become a thought leader, you need to create thoughts, ideas, and insights. And it follows you need to share these with other people for them to recognise your expertise. In other words, to earn money from what you know you need to create and […]

IP Creation Projects for Thought Leaders

IP Creation Projects for Thought Leaders

IP Creation Projects for Thought Leaders Thought Leaders make money from their ideas. Naturally, this means you must create IP or Intellectual Property to have something to sell. It also means the quality of your IP creation will have a big say in how much money you earn and what level of influence you have. But ideas […]

Thought Leadership Content

Thought Leadership Content

Thought Leadership Content – What is a Manifesto?  Thought Leaders sell their ideas and they can do this by sharing thought leadership content.  But in a noisy marketplace where everyone is yelling for attention, how do you attract your ideal clients and keep them coming back for more again and again? You don’t do this […]