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Connection Generation by Iggy PintadoThe Book

Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation: How connection determines our place in society and business; 2009; ISBN 1-4392-2532-X


Forget when you were born. The most important generation right now is the one connected to digital media. Got a mobile phone? Email? Internet? We’re the Connected Generation. And Iggy let’s you find your place in the Global Glue and how to move  through it.  Are you Basic, Passive, Selective, Active or Super Glue? It’s important because being happy, healthy and wealthy depends on it.


• It’s filled with engaging personal vignettes
• A wide range of acronyms to recall the key points
• Profiles key actions and attitudes of typical connectors
• Chapters on enhancing your Personal, Group, Business, Leadership and Learning Connections
• A great case studies showing how Super connector Barack Obama became US president over Basic connector John McCain.


This book puts the social media, digital media conversation into context: it’s all about the connections we make. And, this is the key to your success in life.

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Who’s It’s For

Aimed at business with enough examples to apply it to your personal life too!

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