Book Review: Don’t Picture Me Naked

Book Review: Don’t Picture Me Naked by Michelle Bowden

How long does it take to write a book?
I wrote my first book in two weeks.
My second took one week and I wrote The Cuckoo in a single day.
Michelle Bowden took ten years to write her book Don’t Picture Me Naked!

Now, this is not a case of chronic writer’s block.
It’s more about what Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers is talking about.
See Book Rapper issue ‘Anti-Self-Help’.
To become a master in your field takes about 10,000 hours.
That’s three hours a day for ten years.

Michelle is a master at presentation and influence skills.
One of Australia’s best.
She’s been plying her art and science for ten years.
It’s taken that long to learn what to put in this book.

Don’t Picture Me Naked is literally a workshop in a book.
This is the program that Michelle runs with some of Australia’s top companies.

It takes you from planning, to preparation and through to your final presentation.

It includes:

  • The 4 Mat model – which I use to structure everything I write and present. I reckon it’s essential for presentation success!
  • Details on languaging – the nitty-gritty of words to use and one’s to avoid like the plague
  • A 13 step process for scripting your presentation
  • How to warm up your mind, body and voice
  • How to deal with difficult people in your audience
  • How to manage your nervous moments
  • And, how to present without notes.

Ask for it in your local Aussie store or get a copy of her book from her website:

It’s a great companion piece to Carmine Gallo’s The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
See our Book Rapper issue iPresent

And, if you’re committed to your own presentation mastery, consider her workshop.

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