Book Rapper Summary: Your Referral Trumpet

The Referral Trumpet The Book

John Jantsch, The Referral Engine

The Big Idea

Too often referrals are a BTW – “By the way, got any referrals for me?” Yuck!!! Instead of tackily tacking it on the end of your service, start with the referral in mind. Build the expectation in your customer’s mind in advance. And, the business systems that deliver remarkable results.

Speed RAP

A flood of referrals will only arrive if you build a referral culture and the business systems to match. You’ll need to differentiate yourself, identify your ideal customer, design referral touchpoints, educate with content and attract both customers and partners.

Your Challenge

Invite, teach and encourage others to blow your trumpet! How many new referrals can you generate in the next 90 days? Start by counting them. Then build systems to attract more and better qualified leads.

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