Seven Ways to Write Your Book Faster Today

Seven ways to write your book faster

You want to write a book, but you fear that it will take too long. Or you’ve already started and it’s taking longer than you thought. How can you write your book faster? In this video, I’ll share the surprising secret to writing your book faster from someone who hasn’t even written a book. Plus, […]

Book Writing Tips – Write your book easier

Book Writing Tips to Write Your Book Easier

You’ve decided to write a book. Great. Now, do you want to write it the hard way or the easy way? Writing a book is not easy Writing a book is not easy. I’ve written and finished ten of them and started more than 25 others that I haven’t finished. If it was easy, I would […]

The Surprising Secret to Finish Writing Your Book

The Surprising Secret to Finish Writing Your Book

You’ve started writing your book and now you don’t think you can finish it. How do you keep going? This is the challenge that every author faces at some point in their book. How do you keep going and finish writing your book? I’m probably better qualified than most people to answer this question. I’ve […]

Answer This Before You Start Writing Your Book

Answer this before you start writing your book

If you were going to write a book, what do you need to do before you begin? The biggest mistake you can make when writing a book is to write the wrong book for the wrong reason. Imagine that… You spend all that time, energy and attention over weeks, months or a year writing a […]

My Best 10 Tips for Writing a Book for the First Time

My Best Ten Tips for Writing a Book for the First Time

If you were sitting down in front of me and asked, ‘What are the best tips for writing a book for the first time, how would you answer?’ That’s a great question. I’ve written and self-published 10 books and each time I start a new book I’m giddy with excitement. But what are writing tips […]

Ten Big Book Writing Mistakes I’ve Made – Author Mistakes

My Ten Big Book Writing Mistakes - Author Mistakes

Do you want to write a book? Great idea. As someone who’s written and self-published ten books, I can heartily recommend the challenge of writing a book. It might be the biggest and best thing you do in your life. I view writing a book as a heroic challenge. It’s something that will require you […]