The Ultimate Guide to creating and completing your Task List Today

Project Tasks and Planning All task lists need to start with a project. One of the key reasons that I started Project Done and wrote my books Done and Weekly Done was to help other people get more done. What I often found when talking to people was that they had a big long task […]

The easy solution to being overwhelmed and stressed out at work

Feeling Overwhelmed? What does that mean? Are you stressed out and overwhelmed right now? I used to suffer a lot from overwhelm. I’d be in a situation and all of a sudden it would all get too much and I’d have a meltdown and let off some steam. What does overwhelm mean? And is there […]

Pomodoro Technique: Work smart and get more work done

Work Smart What’s the Pomodoro Technique and how can it help you get more done? We’ve all been told at some point that we need to work smarter to get more work done. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself: What does it mean to ‘work smart’? The holy grail of productivity is to: […]

Multi tasking and Mindfulness – Win the war on workplace stress

Multi tasking and mindfulness = win workplace stress war

The Rise of Workplace stress There is a war going on in our workplaces being fought out between Multi Tasking and Mindfulness. One camp wants to us do more and faster. The other wants us to do more by doing one thing more slowly. The big casualty of this war is the wellbeing of our […]

How to be focused and stay focused at work

What does it mean to be focused? To be focused, we first need to define what we’re talking about. According to Google, the word ‘focus’ is searched between one million and ten million times every single month. That makes it a very popular and desirable thing. While some of these searches are looking for a […]