Scott Berkun – Confessions of a Public Speaker Book Review

I’m a Public Speaker… I’m a public speaker – not a beginner and not an old pro either – and this book saved the day for me. Recently, I was preparing for a presentation that I was giving and to put it mildly, I was struggling. In the midst of plotting new material for a […]

James Adonis: The Motivation Hoax – Book Review

The Motivation Hoax by James Adonis

James Adonis, The Motivation Hoax James Adonis, The Motivation Hoax – A smart person’s guide to inspirational nonsense, Schwartz Publishing, Carlton, 2018. Inspirational nonsense! Yep, that pretty much sums it up for me. Instagram and Facebook and to a lesser extent Linked In are full of mindless truisms masquerading as inspiration from some enlighted heroes […]

Write Better Right Now – Book Review

Write Better Right Now by Mary Kate Mackey

Write Better Right Now – Book Review Write better? We could all use a little help here and this book might be just what you need. (Here is another book in our series: Best Books for Writers and Authors.) Some books you read are like a raging bushfire. They start small, quickly get of control […]