15 Ways to Collect Crowd Wisdom

Wise : How to Make Collaborative DecisionsDerived From
James Surowiecki, Wisdom of Crowds

Actions : Here’s fifteen ways you can collect and profit from the wisdom of crowds.

1 Diverse Groups

Set up diverse groups and teams filled with a diversity of thinking and learning styles

2 Feedback

Ask for feedback from those around you. Be cautious about relying on friends as they are more likely to think just like you.

3 Google

Use Google to find out what the rest of the world are thinking on the same issue.

4 Survey

Use Survey Monkey to poll a group of people to find out what they think.

5 Go to Market

Get your product out to market as quickly as possible and let your customers decide for you.

6 Ideas Program

Invite suggestions from your crowd. Make it easy for people to contribute. Be transparent.

7 Vote

Allow the crowd to vote on the best solutions.  Use Poll Daddy or a web widget to do it on your website.

8 Bet

Like a football tipping competition, give your crowd the opportunity to wager on the best outcome.

9 Reward

Reward independent thinking. Thank them for their opinion and formally, as a monthly award.

10 Penalize

Be on the lookout for ‘Group Think’ and ‘Herding’. Establish penalties to discourage them.

11 Decentralize

Break your teams into small units and give them the power to make their own decisions.

12 Review Innovation

Check your innovation process for a diversity of idea creators AND sponsors.

13 Avoid Top Down

For your next major decision avoid using a Top-Down CEO type of decision. Explore alternatives.

14 Adopt & Co-op

Build systems that  encourage, promote and reward co-operation. Create a future focussed culture.

15 Assemble

If you don’t have a crowd to source, then assemble one. Or tap into an existing group.

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