The Great Business Gestalt

The Great Business Gestalt What’s the Great Business Gestalt? It’s one of our big ideas from the 25 big ideas from my new book: What the #$%?! Is Going On? In this Podcast Episode This big idea is about the Great Business Gestalt. A Gestalt is a German word that means the whole cannot be […]

Why You Need Stories

Why You Need Stories - Business Story

Human beings are hard wired for stories – be it lounging around a campfire or being scared witless in a darkened cinema. Stories frame ideas, provide lessons, capture memories, create the future and connect us with our friends and family. And, in our world flooded with information and data they help us make sense of […]

Power Stories Summary

The Long Tale - Power Stories

Power Stories At Book Rapper we’ve been scouring the planet for great books. In particular, things that are essential to being successful in business. And, we think stories is one of those essential business tools. Thus we’ve created: The Long Tale, How to use stories to build your brand, market with meaning & connect with […]

The Infographic Resume

Hannah Morgan, The Infographic Resume

Website Bio, Resumes and Linked In Recently, I wrote about how to write your website bio. In it I compared website bios to a resume and suggested they were a little different. Like almost everything there is always more than one way. And, a neat new way to present yourself either as a business person […]

The Future of Roads

The Future of Roads

Do we need to keep building new roads? For the first time car ownership is now in decline. New car sales per person are now at their lowest levels for 20 years having dropped significantly since the GFC – a trend that is appearing across the world. For the Baby Boomers the car was a […]

Master Your Context

Master Your Context

In our earlier post, The Best Time to Be Born, we talked about how almost 20% of the richest people on the planet were born in a ten-year period in the US. Luck and good timing! Warren Bennis picks up this theme in his classic leadership text, On Becoming a Leader. His opening chapter is […]

The Future of Twitter

Our Topic Here’s one more of our big ideas from the 25 big ideas from my new book: What the #$%?! Is Going On? In this Podcast Episode This big idea is about the Future of Twitter. In particular, we consider the emergence of The Internet of Everything. When this article was first written way […]

What is a Wicked Problem?

Wicked Problem

Previously we talked about Skinny Problems and Fat Problems. Today, we’re going to talk about even fatter problems – Wicked Problems. They have their own unique qualities and properties. And, here’s five symptoms of Wicked Problems so you’ll know one when you meet it face-to-face. Wicked is Not Wicked We’re not talking about wicked witches […]

The Best Time to be Born

The Best Time to be Born

Something Remarkable Between the years 1831 and 1840 something remarkable happened. The period was not one of devastating war, political revolution, climate crisis, social unrest or spectacular invention of new technologies. Yet, this short nine year period could be called the best time ever to be born. As Malcolm Gladwell tells the tale in his […]

How to Gain More Energy

Adam Grant - Give and Take book

The Fuel of Life Without fuel your car doesn’t move. Without battery charge your smartphone is not that smart. And, without energy you’re not going to make a whole lot happen. It’s simple, it’s basic and it’s vital. We all need energy. So, how do you gain more energy? The Usual Suggestions for More Energy […]