The Five Steps to a Successful Product Launch

I’m particularly interested in Product Launches at the moment because I’m creating one of my own as we speak. Without giving away too much of the detail and spoiling the surprise, it has something to do with Book Rapper. Well, it has a whole lot to do with Book Rapper… Stay tuned for more on this…

In the past, for a product launch, I’d just send out an email to see who wants to buy my offering. My experience shows this will only get you so far. It’s a bit like taking off from the traffic lights in your car in second gear. Your car will chug a little and move a bit slowly and then eventually it’ll get up to speed. In other words, you won’t get the results you could be getting if you used the right gears in the right sequence.

As part of my research I came across this great interview between Steve Brossman from Business Online TV and John Anderson from Conversion Masters. It’s great because it’s short and sharp. In five minutes, John outlines five key steps to have a successful product launch. They’re worth considering for your next product launch.

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