Best Books 2016

Book of the Year 2016

The Best Books 2016 What are the Best Books 2016? I love learning. And, I love to learn by reading books. Each year I aim to read 50 books – that’s one book each week. And, I’m pleased to say this year I made it! Through Book Rapper, I am known for my book nerd […]

Reading Books

Reading Books - My Passion!

Seth Godin If you follow my blog you probably know that I follow Seth Godin’s blog. And we’ve talked about Seth here, here and here. Plus we ran a 14 part marketing trends series based on his book Meatball Sundae here, here and here. Reading Books Stats Overnight Seth’s latest blog post was about telling […]

Professional Learning Survey Results

How to keep up to date with your professional learning

Recently I ran a survey on Survey Monkey (love their new survey result images – see below). My goal was to find out more about how people learn. In particular, I was looking for insights into how best to shape, position and design Book Rapper for the future. The big idea I wanted to explore […]