Best Business Books to Increase Productivity

Best business books for productivity

The Best Business Books What are the best business books to increase productivity? I have a strong personal interest in this question. As I wrote in my book Done: How to finish your projects when traditional ways don’t work, I had a serious problem finishing things – at one point I had over 25 half-written […]

Project Design Books – Twelve of the Best

Three Gifts

The thing that I am most proud of around Project Passion is that it was fuelled by Book Rapper. Yep, re-reading my own material provided the insight I needed. It’s a neat reminder for me about the value of great books and the RAPs as a quick reference guide. Thus, this list of Project Design […]

Five Lean Startup Principles

What are the key Lean Startup Principles? The Lean Startup principles are the key to understanding and implementing this approach. They highlight the difference between traditional management which aims to get things done and innovation management which aims to create new things. 1 Entrepreneurs are everywhere Startups don’t just happen in garages. Anyone creating a […]

Eight Innovation Sandbox Rules

Innovation Sandbox

What is an Innovation Sandbox? The opposite of hiding innovation is to create a public place to play – an Innovation Sandbox to promote rapid iterations. Did you play in the sand as a child? This might have been in your backyard sandpit or perhaps at the beach. It was a chance to get dirty, […]

Why Startups Fail

Why Startups Fail

The Lean Startup and Why Startups Fail The Lean Startup by Eric Ries asks the important question: why startups fail? Don’t let the word ‘startup’ fool you. You don’t have to be starting a whole new organisation from scratch, you merely need to be starting something new. For instance, creating a new product or service. […]

The Lean Startup Review

The Book Eric Ries, The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses, Crown Business, New York, 2011 Rapid Book Review The Lean Startup is a New York Times best seller that has sparked a global movement. It’s a philosophy for innovation that will help you turn your ideas into products […]

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

This is an excerpt from the Book Rapper issue called Pioneer: How to create and manage innovation. It’s derived from Eric Ries’ best selling book The Lean Startup. Perhaps the most popular term from the Lean Startup methodology is the Minimum Viable Product or MVP. This is the product version that enables a full turn […]

The Lean Startup Slideshow

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is THE bible for entrepreneurs launching new products and new ventures. It’s also the essential guide for innovators in organisations wanting to crack the stranglehold of traditional management. Instead of getting things done, the Lean Startup philosophy show you how to manage to create new things. In this slideshow […]