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Become a Minimalist at Work

Get More Done
With Less Effort
Have More
Spare Time
Do More Work
You Love
Step off the treadmill

Don't spend your whole life working too hard on the wrong things in the wrong way. 

The Minimal Work Plan
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Minimal Work is highly focused. Start by defining your One Thing.


Schedule your day around your One Thing. Stay in your strengths.


Test and tailor your Rules For Success into your Ideal Day. Celebrate life. 

Live more with less

Geoff McDonald know that you want to be a minimalist - someone who succeeds with minimal work. In order to do that, you need to find your One Thing.

The problem is you are working too hard on too many different things which makes you feel stressed, tired and distracted.

I believe you know this is wrong and you know there must be a better way. I understand this because I have been there too. Which is why my research and personal experience can show you a different path. 

Here's how you can do this: Define your One Thing. Build your day around this. Celebrate your new life. 

Join us for the Minimal Work program. And in the meantime, engage with our Seven Principles of Minimal Work. Stop missing out on life and instead grow your business AND you lifestyle at the same time - the minimal way. 


Minimal work is not lazy. It's being focused on what really matters to you.


Taking a break from work refreshes your mind, boosts your energy and wellbeing.


Life is too short to waste it doing work that zaps your spirit and steals your joy. 

Geoff McDonald
Geoff is the author of 12 books - five of which he has written in the past two and a half years. Is he superman? Hardly. It's simply because he has designed his life around his One Thing: writing books. Even better, he only works between 4-6 hours per day. This is the power of the Minimal Work philosophy when you apply it to your life, your work and your business.
Become a Minimalist at Work
What is Minimal Work? How do you find work you love? What's your One Thing? These are some of the questions you'll answer in The Minimal Work Program. Find your best way to work and how to succeed in working four-hour days. Less Stress. More Happy. More Done.
The Seven Principles of Minimal Work
Find work you love produce more results in less time.
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